Who am I




My name is Geert Jager, born in 1955.


I mainly developed as an autodidact. In short periods I followed lessons with the Apeldoorn painter Cees Flokstra and later with Carina van der Sluis.

I also have received advice from painters such as Marc de Klijn and the French painter Maté Hay.

I mainly work with oil paint and acrylic. I also develop very modestly as a photographer.


In my work, the landscape in both figurative and abstract form is a recurring theme. In addition, themes such as light, color and movement are important to me.

For me, painting is a reaction to the world around me, but I also use the themes as a representation of my inner life, without being anecdotal.  In that sense I feel indebted to expressionism.

My work develops investigatively, meandering between figuration and abstraction.

My work is located at private individuals in the Netherlands, Germany, France and New Zealand.


In my professional working life I was a care provider in youtyh care and psychiatry. Then I retrained as a Drama teacher. In that capacity, I have taught and directed many a theater performance.

These experiences certainly also had their influance on my visual work.